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Clean Your Lovely Carpet

The carpet becomes one of the most dirty interior accessories. Because the carpet is often stepped on and interact directly with the floor. Moreover, carpets with thick and dense fur type, will be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria for children. It’s good you regularly clean the carpet, although the color still looks bright as clean. You can visit, and we will help you take care of your carpet.

Here’s an easy way to clean your favorite carpets. If your favorite carpet is stained with wet dirt like beverages left, you can use corn flour to absorb it. Sprinkle corn flour in a dirty area and leave it completely absorbed. After that you can clean with a vacuum cleaner. Before sucking dust with a vacuum cleaner, first broom the surface of your favorite carpet to get rid of the dirt-sized large. Large stools such as food fragments or other hard objects will actually make the vacuum cleaner clogged if not cleaned first.