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Folker System Vert Shock Review the program that combines sports and science development to maximize the jump height. Combining the founder experience in professional basketball profession with the research about the connection between explosive movement – jump – with twitch muscle – type II B fibers – resulting in the new advanced program for improving jumping height called Folker system Vert shock program. Vert Shock program claimed can increase jumping height up to 15 inches and it only takes eight weeks or two months to complete the program. It is also claimed that you can already see the result on the first week of the program.

It claimed proven to be true by their certification from NCSA who known as the best certificate organization among others. It is proved that vert shock program offers an effective jumping program that safe for all age range. The science-based on focu sing on nervous system aim to optimize the twitch muscle capability to perform a higher jump, however not only your jump will improve it is also improving your overall athletic performance. This cause by the exercise program suggested based on the real experience of the founders . The combine of sports experience and scientific research bring vert shock program into the advanced level of a jumping program. Vert Shock program offers three phases program. It is the pre-shock program, shock program, and post-shock program . The entire workout suggested in the program do not requires expensive training tools. The workout can be done using simple training equipment and you can perform it wherever you want. This will save your money and times comparing to the other jumping program. At the moment vert shock program offers discount price for limited products. It is only cost $67 almost 50% off than the normal price of $134. Use this opportunity and get your own product now, before the time running out!