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These are the two best universities in the UK that you can choose

England has always been the best education center in the world. It is for this reason that many people desire to continue their education in that State. To continue education there. Someone is required to have a visa. The visa can be obtained by taking an English test. To follow the test, you can register yourself at and adjust the test schedule with the everyday schedule you have.

The UK does have a very good quality of education and has a university that is regarded as the best university in the country. These are some of the lists of universities.

1. University Of Cambridge
The University has rules and entry requirements as difficult as the University of Oxford. Not surprisingly, they are the most prestigious universities in Britain. The University of Cambridge tops the rankings of the first best universities in the UK and the third in the world.

2. University College London
The second best ranking in the best universities in the UK is this university. The university was established as an institution that accepts students freely regardless of religion or gender it has. It is also the fourth best university in the world.