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Mistakes That Make Wedding Party Fees Swell!

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment and most women want to make a lavish party and hard to forget. But the high expectations are sometimes not in accordance with the cost of the wedding that has been prepared. Therefore, it is important for you to carefully select the vendor for your wedding. Choose quality at an affordable price like Le Petit Chateau for example. To create the appropriate wedding and your pockets, avoid some mistakes in planning a wedding that will spend your money!

1. Not Prioritize the Budget
When planning a wedding, you and your partner will definitely be fun to plan for a wedding that will not be forgotten, but sometimes forget the budget that has been made before. For that, make your top priority budget to save more expenditure. Look for an alternative wedding party that suits your budget.

2. Environmental Demands
A wedding party is not always purely from planning the bride. Cannot be denied there will be many inputs that actually make the expenses swell. Like renting additional hotel rooms, expensive wedding dresses, and so forth. Look back at your list, is it really the stuff you really need, or just the demands of the other party?

3. Not Taking into account the Applicable Conditions
With so many things to take care of before the wedding, often the bride and groom immediately without reading the requirements of the wedding vendor or rental of the building. Though the additional requirements that it can actually make your money out more. Before signing, be sure to read all the terms and conditions applicable when renting a building, wedding organizer services or catering to avoid any unexpected extra charges.

4. Less Search Information
When planning a party, it is advisable to compare first before making a choice. Many couples only listen to recommendations from the nearest person and immediately agree without looking for other alternatives. Conduct surveys to multiple places to compare prices and quality, thereby greatly assisting you in reducing the cost of marriage.

5. Less Creative
Among the many mistakes in weddings, the lack of creativity of the bride and groom is most visible. For example, many parties that use red roses as decorations, so you require to use it also in your party. Just so you know, decoration using fresh flowers with a lot of it can cost very expensive. But with a little creativity, such as decorating a party with recycled objects or a minimalist wedding concept, you can get something unique and different at a more cost-effective price.