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Steps Before Painting the Wall

Confused want to renovate the house because of limited budget? Of course, this is the right time for you to be creative. Houses with a new look do not mean having to renovate everything. Changing the paint color of the wall, for example, can be another option to create a new look in 2018. You can contact interior painting woodstock and we will try as much as possible to realize the color of the house you want.

Here are some steps you need to do before painting the house:

– Move all interior accessories both paintings, tables, chairs, flower vases in the center of the room then cover with plastic to avoid paint.

– Before painting the wall, you must clean the wall using soap and then rinse. And dry up a maximum of one night.

– Before painting the wall with your favorite color, you should do a painting using white on the bottom of the wall. Allow to dry, and when it is dry and ready to paint the walls using the main color of your choice.