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Stopping Excessive Sweating

If you experience hiperidrose and are caused by a disease, then what will be done is to overcome the cause. For example, if caused by a thyroid problem, then what is done is to treat or perform thyroid surgery. Or, if caused by the problem of blood sugar in diabetics, then the effort to control blood sugar can be done to eliminate excessive sweating.

While excessive sweating that occurs in certain body parts can be overcome by reducing symptoms using several ways such as, give a shot of botox to stop the nerve activity that triggers the occurrence of excessive sweating. In addition, the way it can be done is to provide antiperspirant-shaped roll-on, spray, lotion or provide a drug that can stop the sweat glands.

Another way that can be done is to perform the operation. The surgery can be an operation to remove sweat glands or cut nerves in the chest that can trigger excessive sweating. And treatments that temporarily stop working sweat glands, ie with iontophoresis treatments that use low voltage electric excitatory to turn off the function of temporary sweat glands.