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Using the condom the right way

You should make sure the size of the condom is in accordance with the size of the penis, the goal is to prevent the condom from being left in the partner’s vagina. We added not to use teeth when opening the condom wrapper to prevent tearing. In addition, be aware of nails or rings that potentially cause small tears on condoms. Pair the condom by opening the reel towards the shaft of the penis, adjust to cover the entire penis. When mounting, leave the tip of the condom slightly to make room for the sperm when ejaculation occurs. If not, then the pressure can cause condoms to leak. In the meantime, you may also need to buy condoms online for more variation of brands with the cheaper price.

Use lubricant

When the condom is attached, make sure you provide enough stimulation to the partner before using a condom and penetrate. Therefore, a friction that occurs when having sex can cause excessive pressure on condoms. Therefore, make sure your partner is fully lubricated.

You should use lubricant gel material or good quality, do not use lubricants like baby oil or hand-body that can damage condoms.