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Where to place the thermostat?

Important for the functioning of the room thermostat is located inside the house. Having to detect a figure that is representative of the temperature of the entire house, the thermostat should be placed in a home environment where there is most active, such as the living room. or in an environment that has an average temperature like everyone else, in the living room at home. If the thermostat is placed in the coldest part of the house, other rooms are too warm. Conversely, if he is put on a hot seat, other rooms will become cold. Not realized by the progress of progressively that the thermostat no longer runs manually but has the development by adding wifi to run some programs to improve the condition of the room temperature into a comfortable room. To this day many thermostats with advanced technology and can be found at

The thermostat space can be placed in a cabinet or rack or secured to a wall at an average height of 150 cm from the ground. It shall be protected from air currents from heat sources and, if mounted on a wall, shall not be placed on the wall in contact with unheated or outer contact areas. The next alternative will be to install the thermostat in the coldest place at home, then install it in another thermostatic environment valve that automatically excludes the radiator in the room that has reached the desired temperature.